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Private detective in Paris



We place professional secrecy at the heart of our guarantees. You are assured of privacy and regulations regarding the GDPR.


Reports of private detectives that can be used in court

All reports we provide to our clients may be produced in the competent jurisdiction or jurisdictions.

Private Detectives approved

Private Detectives Approved by C.N.A.P.S.

The Fox Detective Agency holds an authorization issued by the CNAPS: AUT-075-2118-12-24-20190726925.



Our private detectives are available and accessible at any time during the investigation.

Your network of investigators

Our fields of action

You wish to hire a private investigator in Paris or anywhere in France ? Fox Detectives will help you achieve your goal through many different actions.

Private inestigator in France for surveillance, tailing and follow ups :

Adultery or infidelity, child custody rights, indelicate or improper employees and much more. Together we will analyse and determine your requirements and implement the best strategy to master your request. We can provide motorized private investigator (car, motorbike) or any other type of mobility.

All our Private Investigators are licensed and accredited.

Private investigator in France for administrative investigation :

  • Person research by a private investigator
  • Identification and location of debtors by a private investigator
  • Address research
  • Credit check
  • Patrimonial investigation

Our commitment

Our team of private investigator answers and offers the best strategy focused on your needs seven days a week. The first contact is free of charge. We will then organize a meeting at your convenience. Subsequent to the first contact we will establish a contract detailing : specifications, objectives, deadlines and necessary budget for its achievement.

For any information our private investigator are contactable by phone, WhatsApp simply by clicking on the red button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Our expertise and Private Investigation experience is your guarantee of the highest level of service.

Our investigators all graduated from the most prestigious universities such as Patheon ASSAS or Ecole Supérieure des Agents de Recherches Privées (ESARP).

Our motto : We will satisfy our customers’ requests whatever the complexity of the case.

Recognized professionals